TF7100 | TC3 Vision Base

TC3 Vision Base provides an extensive PLC library with a large number of widely varying functions and algorithms for solving image processing tasks, such as e.g. algebraic image operations, filters, Fourier analyses, colour image processing, segmentation, contour and blob analysis or results presentation, as well as for reading and writing camera parameters. In addition to PLC, motion control, robotics and measurement technology, image processing is now also available as directly integrated functionality in the TwinCAT system.

The image processing algorithms are computed in the TwinCAT real-time environment, executed task-synchronously and monitored in real time via watchdogs. TwinCAT Vision is multi-core capable and executes algorithms automatically on several cores if available. Direct response to image processing results is possible in the PLC without the time loss that would be caused by additional interfaces to external devices.

PLC programming is carried out in the IEC 61131-3 languages so that no knowledge of specific programming languages is required. All known debugging options in the PLC are available. Intermediate results and associated images can be displayed at any time in the engineering or in the TwinCAT HMI.

Technical data TF7100
Required TC1200
Target system Windows 7/8/10
Ordering information
TF7100-0v50 TC3 Vision Base, platform 50 (Performance Plus)
TF7100-0v60 TC3 Vision Base, platform 60 (Mid Performance)
TF7100-0v70 TC3 Vision Base, platform 70 (High Performance)
TF7100-0v80 TC3 Vision Base, platform 80 (Very High Performance)
TF7100-0v81 TC3 Vision Base, platform 81 (Many-core 5…8 Cores)
TF7100-0v82 TC3 Vision Base, platform 82 (Many-core 9…16 Cores)
TF7100-0v83 TC3 Vision Base, platform 83 (Many-core 17…32 Cores)
TF7100-0v84 TC3 Vision Base, platform 84 (Many-core 33…64 Cores)
TF7100-0v90 TC3 Vision Base, platform 90 (Other)
TF7100-0v91 TC3 Vision Base, platform 91 (Other 5…8 Cores)
TF7100-0v92 TC3 Vision Base, platform 92 (Other 9…16 Cores)
TF7100-0v93 TC3 Vision Base, platform 93 (Other 17…32 Cores)
TF7100-0v94 TC3 Vision Base, platform 94 (Other 33…64 Cores)
Product announcement
Available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland | For all other sales regions: estimated market release may 2020